It’s not just the clothes that make the woman. If you want to look your best, follow these 10 simple styling tricks.

  1. Invest In Some Good Hair Products:

    This is where you will get your first real appearance-related bang for your buck. Find the products that work for you, experiment with them, and use them religiously. Spend a few bucks on your hair and you will reap big rewards.

  2. Invest In Some Good Skincare Products:

    Take care of your skin, and it will reward you with a lifetime of good looks. Give your skin regular cleansing and moisturizing treatments, and use a sunblock every day. You should also use a facial moisturizer (preferably oily) to keep your face from getting dry and wrinkly. Avoid sunburn at all costs – it will age you by years!

  3. Keep Your Hair Clean:

    Wash your hair every day, even if only to remove the inevitable odors from work. Washing your hair removes tangles and will keep it looking shiny and healthy. Also, get a haircut: It sounds like a no-brainer, but if you’ve been dragging around those same shortcuts and bangs from the last 20 years, it’s time to freshen up your look

  4. Wear A Good Perfume:

    Find a perfume that you really like the smell of, and wear it frequently. You can also use scented face products to help keep your skin clean and fragrant.


  5. Start Wearing A Little Makeup:

    If only because there’s nothing wrong with looking good…unless it comes at the cost of being objectified or turning into an object yourself.

  6. Buy Some New Clothes:

    However, buy them because they’re awesome, not just because they’re me. Also, say no to trend-based clothing. It feels good to wear clothes you love. Try a little color. Adding some color to your wardrobe can do wonders for your appearance. Start with accessories and see how it works out. Alongside, try a print or a pattern Patterns and prints are very trendy right now, but what’s more is that they add visual interest to your outfit – which is always good when you want to accentuate your figure.

  7. Be A Little Edgy:

    The best heels out there are edgy ones, and they look incredible when you’re wearing them.

  8. Invest In Classic Items That Will Never Go Out Of Style:

    A great pair of jeans, a classic cardigan, a chic scarf, or a shirt that you can wear with everything

  9. Focus On Fit:

    It’s all about the right fit and how the clothes look when worn. That’s what makes everything feel right and you look great. Nothing is worse than shopping for something that won’t fit or make you feel good in it.

  10. Be Brave In Your Colors:

    Block colors will never go out of style like neutrals and prints that bring out your best features. Coordinate your colors to balance your look and feel only you know who you are


Everyone’s different, but there’s no reason you can’t be good at who you are while still getting to look glamorous!

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