Did you think modern life is happy? Do you know that the modern lifestyle is badly affecting your health? If not, then stay with us as we will tell you five impacts of the modern lifestyle on health.

The modern lifestyle is making our life easier and faster. We can travel easily; we can order food and grocery with a single click. We can entertain ourselves with the help of the smartphone. But nowadays, no one can live without smartphones and smart devices. Modern lifestyle is becoming the reason for many physical and mental health diseases like cardiovascular disease, hypertension, overweight and more. Let us seeĀ how everyday life affects health.

5 Effects Of Modern Lifestyle On Health

Everyone wants to live a modern life besides seeing their cons. We know that there are several benefits of living a modern lifestyle. But like a coin, this lifestyle also has two sides, positive and negative. At the same time, the negative side is so darker than the bright side of positivity. Let us discuss the impact of modern lifestyle on health.

  1. Lack Of Physical Activity

According to the report of WHO, 60% to 85% of people in the world are dealing with a lack of physical activity. The simple reason behind this technology, social media, and smartphones are making people lazy. Most people spend most of their time on smartphones, which forces people to sit at a single place for many hours.

  1. Unhealthy Diet

A healthy diet is also a crucial part of our lives as it connects to our health. Modern lifestyle also changes eating as people don’t have time to make food and eat it calmly. So people are moving toward fast food instead of healthy food. Fast food and lack of exercise are leading to obesity.

  1. Unhappiness

As per the reports of Indiana University, social media is also reducing the happiness of youngsters. According to the report, youngsters are getting stressed because their friends are more popular than them. The joy of youngsters decreases as they compare their social life with them.

  1. Youngster Isolation

Nowadays the majority of youngsters spend most of their time using social media. Youngsters spend a lot of their time in isolation which results in loneliness. Youngsters can’t connect with their real-life and family due to sequestration. Thus the ideology of their social life is greatly affected.

  1. Depression And Obesity

The people who spend the most time on virtual games, binging web shows, and surfing on social media platforms like Instagram, and Facebook are more depressed than those who didn’t. Such addictions result in loneliness and depression.


The modern lifestyle is pretty much good, but it is destroying our physical and mental health. According to the report, people who spend more time with smartphones and social media are unhappy than those who consume less time on them. Modern lifestyle also leads to obesity in youngsters. To minimize your digital presence and engage in real-life conversations with your family and friends.

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