If you have been meaning to find solutions to add personality and character to your house, DIY home decor is the best thing. Also, it saves a lot of money on home decor. It is fun to apply skills and test them. You may tackle a DIY home project whenever the creativity bug strikes.

With a toolkit and craft supplies, you may complete a DIY decor idea to bring new energy into space, whether it is an outdated bedroom or a high-traffic entryway. You don’t need anyone to complete these DIY projects. Let us discuss DIY projects for your home decor.

 DIY Shabby Chic Canvas Wall Art

The idea of DIY canvas wall art is the best thing. You have to get a canvas and glue a few doilies on it with beads to make it look eye-catchy. A sofa table, hall or foyer table is the place where you can keep it.

Floral Monogram

If you wish to bring the spring touches to your house decor, then a floral monogram is the best DIY project. Get the monogram of your choice and cover it with a good floral paper, and you are done. You may show it over your mantles or shelves.

Terra Cotta Planter and Macrame DIY

If you are a true horse lover and always have the DIY home decor on your mind, then you should fall in love with the terra cotta planter and macrame. A milky white rope with a sweet terracotta flower pot in it will attract attention for an exterior or interior wall. One may also duplicate it for big statements of interior home wall decors. All you should have is a terracotta flower planter, white cord, and a few skills of the art of macrame-ing to do this project.

Gorgeous Serving Tray DIY

Little things only matter in life when being on the mission to boost the DIY interior decors. You might find the statement true when you look at a fancy hand-built wooden serving tray. It has an alluring diagonal color stripe that might turn into a dining table eye-piece. You should have flat wooden lengths or planks, wooden dowels, and two metal hardware handles cut to the size that may serve as the tray base. It should make a little off the dining table surface.

Make Your Own Designer Switchplates DIY

They might be turned into gorgeous pieces of wall art and, with this, the best art project. You may get some flower paper and glue them over your switch plates. You may make them all quirky and gorgeous. You might be more than happy every time you put something on the charge on these switch plates.

Coffee Crate Lid Sign

You may do an amazing decor with a wooden crate just like the coffee crate lid sign. With the use of ink and wooden boards, you may create the stencilled letter saying coffee roasters. You may hang it with door hinges to give a rustic look to it. So, make sure to try this DIY home decor project.

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